WYPTE Leeds Atlantean

I developed this model for several years as a side project before its release late in 2016. It is something of a personal favourite.

Fleet number 334, CUB334C was a 1965 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 bodied by Weymann and delivered new to Leeds City Transport. Ownership passed to the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive during the 1970s, and withdrawal in 1981 was the result of an accident.

While EFE's representation of the Weymann body is reasonable, it suffers from some rough casting. Extensive metal work was required, and the opportunity was also taken to remove the rear lights and replace them with etched units that I had manufactured.

A sanding and polishing process was done on the front and rear windows, removing the ventilators. A similar process was carried out on some windows in the lower deck. This is a neat detail, even if it is a subtle one.

A full airbrushed respray in Verona green and Buttermilk with Metrobus fleet names was completed with period correct side adverts. Originally, a rear advertisement had been drawn but was not used, giving the chrome Leyland letters and Atlas badge more prominence. Slightly misaligned destination blinds show route 25 heading towards Swarcliffe.

A beautiful little time capsule of a vehicle that is not often appreciated and perhaps largely forgotten.

Although these models are no longer available, they can be built to order. If you would like to add one to your collection, please fill out the contact form. A fully detailed example (shown) will cost £135, while a basic version will cost £75.