Working Cats

Those familiar with the business will have seen cats in the background of photos for a long time.

Margaret "Moggy", my adopted tail-less tabby cat, was always around when outdoor photo shoots were going on, and would lend a paw whether she was needed or not! Indoors, she liked to stay near my desk while I was working, and even slept on it occasionally. Sadly, Moggy passed away in 2021 from liver disease at the age of 15.

A visit to a local cat shelter during the summer led to the arrival of a new cat. An 11-month-old tortoiseshell named Chloe. Since then, it has become apparent that Moggy's spirit is alive and well with this new addition to the family.

Another trip to the cat shelter a few weeks later resulted in a second new arrival. This time a small tabby who despite her young age, had been a street cat. She was given the name Chessie, after the famous mascot of the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad.

Chessie has become a house cat, and favours being close to my desk. Meanwhile, Chloe has enthusiastically inherited both Moggy's front and back garden territory as her heir.

There will therefore always be cats in the background of photos.