What if?

My work over the years has included the painting of fictitious liveries on a number of models. The "Modellers Licence" can be an invaluable tool of the trade. However, this was one project I could not resist pursuing on my own.

The RLH class of AEC Regents was introduced by London Transport in 1950. The last of the country area fleet was withdrawn in August 1970, and the final red examples shortly thereafter. The former had briefly come into ownership of the newly formed National Bus Company, but their withdrawal came some two years before introduction of the famed corporate identity.

So "what if" the green ones had lasted a little longer in service? How would a RLH look decked out in said corporate identity? Although debatable, in my opinion, the answer is very clean and proportioned far better than its RT cousins.

A bare metal respray transformed this EFE model into RLH45 (MXX45), operating route 461 from Addlestone garage, which was one of the final routes that used the class.

As an aside, I had thought about respraying it in NBC azure blue with Midland General names. Now that would have been a sight to see!