West Country Bristols

Western National maintained a mixed fleet of elderly vehicles going into the NBC era of the 1970's. Alongside brand new buses, there were a number of Bristol Lightweight Saloons, as well as a few Medium Weights which had originated with Royal Blue and been downgraded to bus spec.

Two such models have been released and are shown here. Fleet number 1719 (OTT15) was a Bristol LS dating from 1954. It lasted well into the decade and is depicted working route 208 to Taunton. Painted in NBC leaf green with a white relief stripe, these vehicles retained satin black wheel arch trims which contrast nicely with the light grey wheels.

Fleet number 2904 (XUO723) was a 1958 Bristol MW coach. As with several other NBC companies, these vehicles were long lived and received dual purpose livery with most of their chrome trim retained. The model is working route 524 into Fowey.

These models are available to order and can usually be produced bespoke at short notice. The LS 1719 is priced at £95, and MW 2904 is £115 (plus postage). The pair may be purchased together at a price of £200 inclusive.