Scotland's First Leyland Nationals

Leyland National production commenced in the spring of 1972. The first of the breed to be delivered to a Scottish operator was chassis number 00156, delivered in September to AA Motor Services with registration XSD789L. A long life was to follow and it served until 1992. The company went on to operate a large fleet of Nationals, including a number of second hand examples.

Scotland's second Leyland National was chassis number 00476, registered KVA563L, and delivered to independent Hutchison of Overtown in April 1973. This remained a unique specimen in Hutchison's fleet, and was destined for a short life. By 1978, the bus had been withdrawn and sold, briefly belonging to Irvine's of Law, before moving south to Stoniers. It was scrapped in the early 1980s.

Models of both of these vehicles have been produced by NetEvo. They are usually in stock or can be ordered on short notice.