LNER A2 Peppercorn Weathered

Occasionally, I still build railway models, primarily for my own enjoyment, or more often these days for my own personal collection. This 1/76 scale Bachmann model represents 1948 LNER Peppercorn class A2 no.60536 "Trimbush" in British Rail Brunswick green livery, and was produced as a one-off for sale during August 2020.

In addition to the factory paint finish, the model features etched nameplates, detailing parts, and a complete weathering application. I've used my favoured method of airbrushing on a grime foundation, followed by weathering powders, and finally hand finishing with oil paints. A new coal load has been added to the tender that looks far more realistic. Overall, the appearance is based on photos of the class later in life, with the half polished nameplate being a favourite feature of mine. 60536 was withdrawn for scrap in 1962.

Total work time came in at around five hours, plus an additional two days air drying.