Glasgow's Unique Daimler Fleetline

Greater Glasgow PTE, the successor to Glasgow Corporation, operated a large fleet of Leyland Atlanteans fitted with elegant bodywork by Alexanders of Falkirk. In addition to these, a single Daimler Fleetline chassis was bought, which remained unique despite its popularity with other Scottish companies.

It was assigned fleet number D268 and registered SGD730 when it arrived in May 1963 with outwardly identical normal height bodywork by Alexander.

Glasgow's Fleetline lasted a respectable twelve years in service, gaining full PTE livery not long before it was withdrawn in 1975. In the same year, it was acquired by local independent operator Graham's of Paisley seeing several years of further service. It had been sold for scrap by the end of the decade.

A respray of D268 has been issued several times by NetEvo based upon a lightly modified and detailed EFE model. Furthermore, these premium resprays can be fitted with the signature Daimler badge in photo etched stainless steel on the lower front panel, as well as etched front wheel hub rings. They are available to order priced from £130.